Cyanosis Midlands Adventure Race

IT’S the final race week of the Cyanosis Midlands Adventure Race and the Beehive, just outside Greytown, is where it is all starts this Saturday at 6 am, finishing from 2 am Sunday. Spectators are welcome.

If you are up early enough, you might find these crazy adventure racers streaking through Greytown, taking selfies. With this being a zero litter race, the way the teams will obtain checkpoints is that they will be replicating photos the organisers have already taken, with their team in it — this will effectively prove they have been to each checkpoint.

Team Cyanosis was formed in 2004 and has been competing at the highest level in Adventure Racing (AR) ever since, racing regularly at home in South Africa as well as internationally at some of the top races around the world.

Adventure Racing is a sport involving multiple disciplines where teams of athletes navigate their way around a set route.

Disciplines may include cross country running, paddling, mountain biking, rope work and similar. Race distances can vary from short 30 km sprint races to 700 km expedition races.