Deante making headlines again

GREYTOWN'S Deante Swart is hitting the headlines again, receiving the following titles in the Toddler and Tween of the World 2018 competition — Best Box Charity Winner, first runner up Toddler and Tween Face of the World (11-13 years category), Autism Awareness winner Toddler and Tween World, first princess Toddler and Tween World Platinum Prime, second place Social Buzz Winner Toddler and Tween World Photogenic Toddler and Tween KZN Category winner and Toddler and Tween World Overall Generosity winner.

In an interview with the Greytown Gazette, Deante said: “I would like to thank each and everyone who supported me in the Toddler and Tween World 2018 over the past seven months.

“Thank you for all the messa-ges.

Words can't describe how much I appreciate it.”

Deante is a pupil at Wembley College.