From the ditch

THE weather, the people, the fun, and the food all combined to make the Plennegy Print fun day a happy event. Bowlers started arriving around 8 am and by 9 am it was full house!

At teatime, the clouds darkened but we managed a spider before thunderous applause and the second session was delayed with a short term rain squall whilst the tavern had a spirited revival.

A sumptuous lunch followed the prize giving, a huge thanks to Plennegy Print for generous prizes and a memorable day.

Overall winners were Kevin Williams, supported by Eve Drury and Lynne Norton, on 24 plus four points, followed by Roy Thomson, Ben Dede and Megs Govender.

The first session went to Keith Cowie, Jen Platt and Sylvia Varty.

It does not happen very often but Jack Drew, Erika Fischer and Roy Thomson scored a full house against Tony Smith, Bryan Paul and Erwin Brunkhorst last Saturday.

They scored nine — every bowl counts with nearest bowl to the jack scoring one point — so if everyone of your team’s bowls is closer, it’s a full house.

In the game trips, three players with three bowls each can then score a full house of nine points.