Greytown Racing Pigeon Club news

THE wind certainly did not treat us kindly in the race from Winburg on Saturday with the birds being blown straight to Pietermarizburg.

The Old Grizzle had one land there where a fancier kindly had a friend liberate it at New Hanover from where it made its way home.

Liberated at 7.45 am from Winburg, a distance of 356 km, the Naickers once again swept the board by clocking 10 of the 11 recorded home with the first recording a velocity of 1358.016 after clocking at 12.01.29.

Their second and third birds were clocked at 12.54 and 12.55.

Fourth and fifthposition were filled by RD Lofts at 12.58 and 13.06.

The brothers taking the next three position, RD Lofts 10th and Leon Potgieter 11th.

Next week an open race of approximately 640 kms from Douglas. It could be our last race as due to losses we may not be able to make up bird age numbers.The MR trophy was not awarded in this last race.


Naicker Bros: 1 - 1358.016, 2 - 1151.009, 3 - 1147.981, 7 - 1049.961, 8 - 1044.474, 9 - 1035.833

RD Lofts: 4 - 1137.109, 5 - 1108.980, 6 -1054.201, 10 - 1028.340

L.Potgieter: 11 - 714.619

Let’s hope we have better weather for the approximately eight-hour Douglas race.

Until next time — good flying.