Greytown Racing Pigeons Club

SATURDAY, July 28, saw the Naicker family once again cleaning up in the 571 km race from Kimberley.

After a 7.30 am release, the first return to the loft for RD Lofts was registered at 14.47.26 to record a velocity of 1305.399 mpm.

Second and third positions were filled by the Naicker Bros at 15.03.03 and 15.12.18 to record velocities of 1250.708 and 1235.481 respectively. Of the 10 arrivals, all were filled by RD Lofts and the Naicker Bros.

If you are looking for figures, the Old Grizzle, look no further as once again I have to disappoint you. The birds were warned about the big hole, but you know what children are. I think they visited the museum too as only arrived home on Sunday morning.

The M.R. Shield was not won as a pair of pigeons were not clocked.

The next race is from Winburg — 356 km. The nominations will be carried forward.


RD Lofts: first — 1305.399, 4:1227.315, 7:1162.643

Naicker Bros: second — 1250.708, third — 1235.481, fifth — 1203.628 sixth — 1181.305, eighth — 1156.272 ninth — 1106.895, tenth — 895.398.

Next week is a yearling race, 356 km, approximately five hours flying time. Hope the weather gods are kind to us. Until then, good flying.