Healthy soil...healthy plants

JUST as a builder doesn't compromise on the foundations of a multi-storey building, the same principle applies to a gardener preparing the soil to bear the new season's plantings.

Bradley Raath of Atlantic Fertilisers will be discussing the advantages of the use of organic products at the Greytown Garden Club meeting, set to take place from 9 am on Tuesday, September 11, reports Garden Club president Jen Cowie. This meeting is to be hosted at “Springkloof”, the gracious home and well established spring garden of Ian and Louise Hill on the Mooi River Road.

With the warming temperatures, the promise of rain, and the festive season not too far off, most gardeners are beginning to make preparations for spring plantings that will grace the summer gardens, providing bountiful produce and beautiful blooms to enjoy through the long, languid summer days.

Raath, who has a background in forestry, is passionate about the benefits of organic fertilisers and pesticides. He will present the convincing argument for the use of products that sustainably support and encourage a wealth of advantageous soil microbes, insects and other important garden wildlife.

In the past, some extremely toxic chemicals were used that not only killed the targeted pest but had a Hiroshima-like effect on other useful creatures such as bees, butterflies and frogs, resulting in gardens filled with perfect blooms but devoid of useful pollinators or natural predators.

The venue “Springkloof” is aptly named because the garden heralds the arrival of the new season with the blossoming of numerous flowering trees, masses of azaleas and a host of other plants that spring into bloom or new leaf.

After the talk, members and guests will be able to enjoy a stroll around this beautiful, established garden, enjoy a cup of tea and the sharing of ideas with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Please remember to bring a chair and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Guests are most welcome to attend and enjoy an interesting morning in a beautiful setting.