Hermannsburg happenings

THE first week of the third term swung into action last week with anticipation building for the inter-house athletics this Saturday.

“Spirit week” this week has seen the pupils supporting their houses with a different dress theme each day, and warming up their voices to shout for their houses on the day.

We look forward to another keenly contested meeting.

We congratulate the organisers and the Greytown Museum on the Creative Fair held at the museum last weekend — our school stand was well-visited and our Germany Exchange class for 2019 sold out of pancakes four times (fortunately, the teachers were able to organise more batter each time).

Our young entrepreneurs sold fudge, brownies, cup-cakes, popcorn and acorn key-rings, and there was a variety of other interesting items visitors were able to purchase from the stall.

A huge thank you goes to the teachers and parents for the preparation that went into the stand, and for their support on the day, as well as to our high school pupils who helped with duties at the stand and made pancakes continuously for four hours.

We look forward to the Kindergarten Open Day on August 9, and the High School Open Day on September 1 and September 2, where parents and their children will have the opportunity to see what potential their futures can hold.