Hermannsburg hosts German exchange pupils

WE welcomed Sven Meyer and Johanna Fuchs to Hermannsburg at the start of this term, and are enjoying their contributions in the classroom and on the sports field.

Johanna writes: “I live in Garching, near Munich, where I attend the Maximilians Gymnasium. Hermannsburg is completely different to the Gymnasium, but I am liking it very much. I enjoy all the nature around here. When I came to South Africa, I knew almost no-one, but everyone is very friendly and we have got to know each other.”

Sven writes: “I am from a small town, Fellbach, outside Stuttgart, and I attend the Gustav Stresemann Gymnasium in Schmiden-Fellbach. I really like the kindness of the Hermannsburg pupils, and especially the boarders, who have welcomed me into sports, free time activities and school, making me feel right at home.”

We trust that their stay in Hermannsburg will continue to be productive and that they will build life-long friendships as they, in turn, enrich the experience of our SA pupils.