Hermannsburg Little Oaks’ Oracle

AERIAL displays, musical interludes, and art and science all blended together at the Hermannsburg Primary School Open day, held on Saturday, July 28, At the event, parents and their children took part in a number of activities based on the theme “rockets”.

They had the opportunity to test whose balloon rocket flew furthest, and which launch angle allows a straw rocket to fly furthest, as well as colouring in rockets (before attaching “flames” and sticks to make them “fly”), and the chance to build a toothpick rocket tower and link it all with “Maths 24”.

They even learnt a German greeting song.

The highlight was Mr Terry’s demonstration of a two litre bottle rocket, which launched successfully a number of times.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the Primary School’s Open Day — children, parents and teachers. Thank you also to the Parents’ Committee for the refreshments provided through the morning. The “Little Oaks” certainly have something to look forward to as they approach their primary school years!