Hermannsburg’s radio stars

SHORTLY before the winter holiday, our Grade sixes and sevens, together with three pupils from Grade 10, visited Radio Khwezi.

They were welcomed with delicious treats from the bakery before Daniel Wunderlich and Andrea Husslig from Radio Khwezi’s German broadcast team gave them a guided tour of the station.

They learned that the walls are filled with sand to make it soundproof, and that the walls were built in a certain way to ensure perfect conditions for sound recordings.

The pupils and their German teacher, Mrs Katja Hoffmann, had prepared a German audio play, which they had a lot of fun recording as they experienced the various different effects used to enhance a recording.

The play and the interviews were broadcast last Thursday (Radio Khwezi broadcasts in German every day between 2 pm and 3 pm) and it was an amazing experience for the scholars to listen to the radio and hear their own voices. Our thanks go to the Radio Khwezi team and Mrs Katja Hoffmann who prepared and accompanied the pupils.