It’s fake news for Greytown

UNFORTUNATELY Greytown is definitely not part of the announcement on social media and ENCA last Saturday about “KZN water restrictions to be lifted”.

Reading through the statement: “KZN residents can breathe a sigh of relief after the local government lifted water restrictions.”

But, and it is a very big but, this only applies to Durban and surrounds.

Greytown is still under the three-year-old strict restrictions of water from 5 am to 10 am daily.

Some areas, like Mbuba and Matimatolo do not even have that “luxury”.

Now and then on a Friday a water tanker will arrive and residents have to fill up for the week.

But this is not a weekly occurrence and there is very little water left in the river for them to fetch and carry.

This is once again a case of “who cares”.

The never ending Craigieburn disaster which cost millions of rands more than budgeted is still being used to blackmail uMzinyathi District – even though there is a High Court interdict to prevent the residents from burning tyres and blocking roads, etc.

But the last section of the infamous pipeline from the dam itself is still unconnected and apparently no-one seems to care.