KwaSizabantu Mission


FOR over 40 years, KwaSizabantu Mission has worked in a society which was deeply divided along racial lines, where the communities had scant employment possibilities, few skills and limited education opportunities. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of people from South Africa, African countries and abroad have come of their own free will to visit, seek employment or be enriched by the nurturing environment they experience. This includes people from all walks of life, religious affiliations, socio-economic groups, political persuasions, races and creeds, literate and illiterate.

None are forced to come; none are forced to accept employment; none are forced to ascribe to the Mission’s religious views — if anyone does so, it is as a result of their free choice.

Anyone who seeks, in fact begs for employment (of which there have been thousands, to the point that the Mission cannot meet the need), receives a salary that adheres to wage regulations. Anyone who comes seeking spiritual, physical or mental help is respected.

For decades, this work has been a fore-runner in breaking down social, racial and discriminatory barriers in an effort to create a sanctuary — free of charge — for the needy within society. This has been the Mission’s selfless, often thankless, commitment in spite of opposition from the Apartheid regime and, unfortunately, even now, from a faction of political leaders, disgruntled individuals and opportunists who indiscriminately barrage this good work with protests, threats verging on hate speech, libel and intimidation.

This work will continue, in spite of those who do not share this vision for a better future. The reward for those who support this great work lies in the undeniable transformation experienced by so many broken, needy and marginalised individuals. These people then return to their communities where they bring healing and hope to this precious country and its people.

Contact Michael Ngubane at 065 616 4155 or Busi Radebe at 065 575 2183.