Minister gives pensioners and Post Office a boost

FOR the hundreds of pensioners who had stood waiting for hours to collect their pensions, Minister of Telecommunications Siyabonga Cwele was an angel in disguise.

On seeing the queue outside Greytown Post Office last Friday, the minister ordered chairs to be brought for the elderly, frail and sickly pensioners and also instructed the regional manager to buy food and refreshments!

Definitely a minister with a heart!

Greytown Postmaster Brian Nairn told the Greytown Gazette that the minister had also expressed his concern that there were no accessible public toilets — many of those in the queue had travelled long distances and had stood for hours.

Whilst in the Post Office, the minister was behind a pensioner who received her money and then asked the assistant for an envelope.

She was told, “You have to go to Aheers to buy one”.

The minister queried this and was appalled to be told that the Post Office not only did not have any envelopes in stock but also did not have any stamps.

He said he would raise this with the Post Office CEO.

Friday was “chaotic” for the payouts. Apparently a large number of grant beneficiaries are coming to Greytown in preference to drawing their money at Tugela Ferry. As a result, the Post Office ran out of cash. Then there were problems with the network.

The minister had two systems, which have not been working since April, sorted out and working then and there.

In view of the fact that many had long distances to travel, the minister arranged for the Post Office to provide transport late in the afternoon to take them home.

The minister also spent time at the Civic Hall where officials have been carrying out Sassa card swops throughout the week.

Minister Cwele assured the Postmaster that he would get more staff, the premises would be painted and he would return to Greytown in two months time to check that action had been taken and the problems sorted out.