Mount Ernestina Combined School news

IT was a joyous moment for school management, teachers and pupils when Mr A Casanova last month again donated 130 pairs of school shoes to pupils who really needed them.

Mr Casanova is a Greytonian who believes in sharing with those who are less fortunate. He has been donating shoes to the school pupils for many years. His donation was a blessing and appreciated by all stakeholders, especially the beneficiaries. Once again, as the school, we say thank you Mr Casanova.

The school has many pupils who come from disadvantaged families and who are in need of school uniforms. Donations will be most welcome.

Contact to render assistance.

In other news, on July 27 the school participated in the Eskom Expo For Young Scientists, held at the Ladysmith Indoor Sports Centre.

During the event, pupils from Umzinyathi, Amajuba and Uthukela Districts displayed their well researched work. Pupils were expected to come up with new innovations or improve the existing ones.

One group of pupils presented an idea of repairing potholes on the road using compressed recycled plastic. Another group came up with an idea of generating electricity using stones. There were so many other creative and interesting ideas.

Two Mount Ernestina Combined School teachers, Ms S.S Masondo and Ms N Ndlozi, were part of the judges. The school management and teachers were proud of them.

— Report by Thanda Jila.