Odds and ends about August

* In 1865 Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll was published — only 48 copies were sold.

* The quagga in Amsterdam’s Zoo died in 1883 — it was the last quagga in the world.

* Whoever wed in August be, many a change is sure to see.

* The Alaskan gold rush started in 1896.

* Assumption day (August 15) is a major holiday in Roman Catholic countries and the beginning of summer holidays for many in Europe.

* On the fourth Sunday in August dairymen of Vissoie Switzerland return from the Alpine pastures where they spent the summer with their cattle and present their priest with the first cheese of the season.

* St Bartholemew’s Day (August 24).It used to be a rule in parts of Germany that innkeepers had to provide fresh cider to their guests on this day or lose their right to sell drinks the following year.

* August 25 is the day of St Louis, patron saint of France and barbers.

* The typewriter was patented in 1843.

* When the grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before the night.

* Before dandelions became weeds, they were cultivated on purpose. People ate the leaves as a vegetable and ground the roots for a coffee-like drink.

Source — The Illuminated Book of Days.