Ubuhlebomvoti Special School veg garden

THE pupils of Ubuhlebomvoti were out and about this week, planting their very own vegetable garden with the assistance of their teachers Miss L Mthembu and Mrs Shezi.

They planted cabbage, onions, beetroot and green peppers. It is commendable how Miss Mthembu and Mrs Shezi place significance on the hands-on nature of physical education, as it leads to cognitive improvements in children with special needs and it allows them to access skills that they could not challenge within a traditional classroom setting.

The open day for the Disability Awareness Campaign is to be held on August 17 and aims to educate, creating awareness of all the possibilities and opportunities available for people living with disabilities and how they can be cared for, understood and, most importantly, made to feel a part of the community they live in.

Umvoti Aids Centre can be contacted on 033 413 2745/6 or 064 870 5351.