Umvoti Aids Centre’s vegetable garden

ONE in four children around the world suffer from chronic malnutrition which stunts growth.

The biggest reason children are hungry, is poverty. Poverty often means children not only don’t have enough to eat, they don’t have access to clean water, health care or education.

They face hunger, disease and even death.

It is for this very reason that with the assistance of our community garden — which comprises cabbage, spinach, onions, beetroot and oyster mushrooms — donations and funding, we provide nutritious meals to 40 children a day, and food parcels to needy families.

Hunger is a silent epidemic that we must tackle together by doing our bit in ensuring that no child goes to be bed hungry.

When we have excess mushrooms we sell to our community at R15 a 200 g punnet and spinach for R10 a bunch.

We are grateful to the National Lottery Commission, St James Church, the Department of Agriculture and the Community Work Programme team who continuously support our food security programmes.