Who cares

A year ago, a resident living the area of the Harding/Sutherland street crossroads wrote to the Municipality requesting it did something about the appalling state of the road. One week later the road was graded and a huge load of stones dropped off on the side of the road by the Municipality. And that was it.

Last week, the resident again wrote to the Municipality, and sent a copy with photos to the Greytown Gazette. Whether that triggered a response — who knows? But the Municipal Manager promptly replied: “I hereby acknowledge receipt of your e-mail below and wish to table our sincere apologies for the inconvenience incurred to you and all other residents of both Harding and Sutherland Street.

“I have referred your enquiry to the relevant department for their attention and a formal response will be submitted to you by no later than Monday, August 20.”

The load of stones has become an unsightly “koppie”. One resident even filled one of the potholes with the stones.

Editor’s note Monday, August 20 — Have just checked with the resident who received the e-mail from the MM. There has been no action whatsoever today on the road.