Window on Wembley

ON Friday, July 20, it was the Grade six and Form one classes’ turn to have a Night at the Library.

With enthusiasm, four teams copied a tower of building blocks, juggled book-page-balls, built a construction with sosatie sticks and marshmallows, blew paper cups off a table using balloons and picked up paper pieces with their toes in a laser maze made with string.

After a rest and something to eat, we made one Grade six team and one Form one team for the last activity where each team received a random pile of books.

The instruction was to write and present a “Book Spine Poem” — in other words, they had to write a poem only using the words on the spines of the books. Great fun was had all round.

Thank you to all parents and children who supported the evening.


Famous bottom goes camping

With a farm boy and a dead dog

At the wreck of the Zanzibar

Oh brother! Shadow of little Manfred



Zanzibar Biscuit

The war is running wild

Your mysteries of Zanzibar

The billionaire is puzzled

About the sick cat

The biscuit of Zanzibar

Is the puzzle of the war!

We would like to congratulate Julian Königkrämer, Ntando Ngcobo and John Yeadon for making the Umvoti hockey team.

This weekend they went to Hilton and Michaelhouse to play and the following results were recorded.

They played nine matches, won four, drew three and lost two (very narrowly) 1-0 to WPPS and 2-1 indoor vs Curro).

The Wembley College Junior Primary pupils and staff have been buzzing like bees, preparing for their annual concert “Around the World in a Wembley Bus”— a tale told by a group of children who are making their way to the Soccer World Cup in Moscow.

Along the way, they visit countries where they have lively, humorous conversations with teachers and students on the bus, while the audience is entertained with music and dance.

The costumes represent each country and have been carefully sewn by our mothers and teachers.

One of the aims of our annual concert is to develop self-confidence in the area of public speaking and every single child is encouraged to have a speaking part.

The staff and parents are always very impressed by the confidence of our youngsters, even the grade R children.

We encourage all Greytonians to come along and enjoy this delightful show with us on Thursday, August 2, at 5.30 pm, Aloe Hall, Wembley College.

Adults R25, pupils R10. Wembley Reception 033 413 2677.