Window on Wembley

WOW! What a global success! Thursday night was one of excitement as our junior primary pupils performed their hearts out.

Wembley College proudly presented Around the World in a Wembley Bus!

The talented children travelled across many borders, and learned lots of new facts about Australian animals; what a yodel is; where fireworks originated from; how to line dance; and more.

The one-and-a-half-hour show was jam-packed with singing, laughing and dancing.

Thank you to everyone who made the evening one to remember.

On Friday, July 27, the U13 Boys travelled to New Hanover for the annual Day/Night Hockey Festival.

With two pools of six teams in each, the team was the only one from both pools to go through to the semis and finals without a loss on the score cards.

Wembley, being first in the pool, played second placed King Edward in the opposite pool.

The game was tight and the winner would go through to the final.

Wembley did well to take control of the game, securing a convincingly 2-0 win.

After a five minute rest, the boys were up for the final.

The opposing team would be Bisley, who had won their play-off match.

An intense match against Bisley, with a few left handers in the team, gave the game a remarkable twist as the boys had to focus in order to ensure they weren’t caught unaware.

Bisley scored first and the boys regrouped to get to get two shorties in a row but were unable to put a ball behind the line.

With some great tactical play and team work, the boys worked together to get the ball in the box, making the score one a piece. Shortly after the final whistle went, Wembley won due to the fact that they had shorties in the match.

The bi-annual Plennegy Tennis Tournament took place on August 23 and August 24 at the Wembley College courts.

It was encouraging to see forty five promising, talented players take part in this year’s tournament.

Thank you to Plennegy for sponsoring the tournament and investing in our local community and to our coach, Derek Brown, for organising the tournament.