Beauty and weight loss

MADAME Et Monsieur was established in 1983 by Durban born Robey and Ria Taute, however Madame Et Monsieur at the Union Main Centre in Pinetown has been in business for 16 years and was founded by Darel Schwarz.

Schwarz said: “We specialise in adult and child obesity with medically approved electrotherapy machines. These machines have three different pharadic movements which helps break down fat, speeds up metabolism and blood circulation, firms and tones and also helps with lymph drainage.”

She said the latest add onto their slimming treatments is the Lipolysis Treatment — which is a fat removal and cellulite treatment.

“It is a mixture of fat-dissolving solutions, injected to the localised regions of the body. The fat removal solutions remove fat permanently and prevents the body from storing fat. It also improves the fat burning capacity of the body. This leads to cracking of the membranes of fat cells in the treated zone. Then, in a natural way, via the bloodstream, the fat is transported to the liver and metabolised. Transportation takes place via the lymphatic system, therefore one need to drink a lot of water.”

“In the beauty area, we do skin dermabrasion, treatments to improve collagen and elastin, microblading, lash extensions, massages, nails and feet treatment. We also have a sunbed and spray tan booth.”

Madame Et Monsieur caters for all ages and she explained that to be successful in this business one needs passion and determination.

“You need to be determined, very disciplined, hands-on and to have a passion for your work. This helped me to be a very proud and successful owner of my beautiful salon.”

“Thabi Ngidi is my right hand and is part of my successful business now for two years. She is a very loyal and dedicated therapist who also loves her career.”

She offered beauty tips, saying: “Always look after yourself ‘now’ don’t wait till tomorrow! Be proud of who you are and show it off by looking good,” Schwarz said.