Car theft on the rise

INCIDENCES of car theft have increased dramatically, particularly in the last three weeks in some Upper Highway areas.

Hillcrest SAPS communications officer Captain Linzi Smith said the theft of motor vehicles in Stockville has been on a steady increase, urging the community to report all cases.

“The community needs to be more vigilant and report cases so police can focus on patrolling those areas. Working together is what will make a difference” she said. The captain said, in order for the residents to try and prevent car theft, they need to keep items locked away and not in view of the public or perpetrators on the road, even perpetrators scouting the areas.

She added that trackers would go a long way in assisting police in helping to locate stolen vehicles.

SA Community Crime Watch spokesperson Steven King said that, in order to try and prevent car theft, there are a number of things residents should keep in mind. “When a vehicle is parked, make sure to close all the windows and the sunroof.” He also stressed that leaving the car running and unattended can bring a lot of attention.

“Motorists tend to leave valuables in a car, which attracts criminals.”

King stressed that motorists should avoid known high-crime areas and advised on taking alternate routes.

“Thieves prefer to work in the dark and residents should be particularly cautious about where they park at night. I advise them to park it in a well-lit area if possible,” said King.

He also added that residents should be cautious of their surroundings, especially in garages, parking lots and petrol stations.

Finally, King advised: “If confronted by a carjacker, do not resist. Cars can be replaced; you can’t.”