Church to open new pre-school

THE Pinetown Presbyterian Church, in Maurice Nichols Road, has heard the call to start a Christian pre-school and aftercare on the property, opening in January 2019.

Church Minister Rev Jeremy smith said: “The church has long had an association with Christian pre-school education, and some may remember that Stepping Stones Pre-Primary School was started at the church by Avril Muller before moving to different premises. The eldership, congregation and I are united in this endeavour.

“The pre-school is called Abba’s House; Abba is Aramaic for Father and it is our prayer that this school, Abba’s House, will be a place where children can come into the safety and security of their heavenly Father’s House.” He said Abba’s House is excited to announce that Barbara van Rensburg has agreed to head the school from January 2019.

“With close to 35 years’ teaching experience, Barbara will be leaving St Benedict School to head up Abba’s House. In her 21 years at St Benedict School, she has given her passion and expertise to academic, sporting and cultural areas of the school in both teaching and management roles.

“Barbara’s vision for Abba’s House is to create a caring and happy environment for young children, from babies through to pre-schoolers, where they will be nurtured and lovingly prepared for the years ahead. She is looking forward to mentoring the trained and caring teachers and facilitators within the school and to working closely with the school families and the church community.”

He added the school will make use of Barbara’s vast experience to offer a high standard of education for Grade R, RR and RRR, ensuring children are prepared for the demands of primary school.

“Abba’s House will offer small classes, allowing focused love, care and attention for each individual child. In the Gospel of Matthew 19:14 Jesus said ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them’; then He placed His hands on them and blessed them. It is our prayer that all the children attending Abba’s House will experience the blessing of knowing Jesus Christ.” — Supplied