Crisis centre offers hope

CARELINE Crisis and Trauma Centre in Assagay first opened in 1995 as a help desk to provide counselling, help, and direction for people affected by crises and trauma.

Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre spokesperson Hasseena Chirkut said the centre was established 23 years ago by Joey du Plessis when she saw the need for a centre in the community.

“[Joey] was a Sunday school teacher and she saw the need that was out there,” Chirkut said.

Chirkut said the primary aim and objective of the centre is to provide vital guidance and support that is necessary in cases of crisis and trauma.

“The crisis centre is a service to the community. This involves being available at the point of need, and providing initial and primary support before referring people to the best ongoing community or government support services available,” Chirkut said.

She said that they deal with traumas that follow incidences of rape, suicide, murder, robbery, house break-ins, death, domestic violence and car accidents.

“Working with the police, we attend to everything that a person is affected with [during their time of need] because the person is usually traumatised after what has happened to them,” she said.

She added that they also cater for substance abuse, chemical dependency and abandoned children.

“Intervention is needed in order for the person to beat whatever they are going thorough and that’s why we offer emotional support and trauma debriefing,” she said.

Chirkut said that they attend to calls from the police, security companies and community members.

“The public can contact us if they feel there is a need for us to intervene in what is happening and we are more than happy to help them,” she said.

In conclusion, she said that those who might want more information about the centre can contact them at 031 765 1314.