Essence for everyone

ESSENCE is a place that tastes and fells like home.

Essence started in Pietermaritzburg and proved to be so popular that soon people were asking for a Hillcrest branch.

The vision for Essence was to create a nurturing place with a relaxed ambiance partnered with comfort, good food and drinks. Basically the perfect environment to relax on a date, business meeting or casual meal with the family.

In 2017, Essence expanded into Hillcrest with a store in Hillcrest corner.

Come sit with a cup of coffee and take in our unique antique collection that will throw back your memories to days gone by.

There is something for everyone, whether it be light meals such as salads or more substantial meals such as flame-grilled burgers, steaks and chickens. We are open for breakfast, lunch and supper. Don’t forget to finish your meal with our famous Chocolate Brownies.

Once you taste one, you will most certainly be back for more. -Supplied