Fighting for women’s power

WITNESSING the increasing statistics of women abuse in the Valley made the Fight Like a Girl team decide to start an outreach programme aimed at empowerment.

The team is made up of Christine Eriksen and Ann du Plessis, who between them have over 12 years of martial arts experience. Du Plessis told Fever that their seminars focus on education.

“The best form of self-defence is to never allow yourself to get into a bad situation. This is followed by empowerment, where we teach basic, easy-to-remember techniques you will use naturally should you ever need to.”

The duo said they started programme in the Valley because they both felt that it was very important to get self-defence into the local communities.

“We started an instructor’s program that would enable local ladies to get involved in self-defence and take it into their own communities for the upliftment and empowerment of other women,” said Eriksen.

In encouraging women to join, Eriksen said; “You don’t have to be fit to do our course at all. Everyone can just do whatever they feel able to do and can skip anything they are battling with due to injury, or we can show them variations to try.”

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