Honouring Mandela’s legacy

TO honour Mandela and his legacy, and celebrate his centenary, Thomas More College spent 67 minutes doing some form of community work on Mandela Day, Wednesday, July 18.

The Foundation Phase and Grade 10 pupils enjoyed their time making sandwiches for the Valley of a 1000 Hills Community, the Senior Primary were involved in an Assembly and talks and discussion groups around the life of Madiba and what he stood for. Grade 8 pupils made and displayed posters of Madiba along Sykes Road and the entrance and exit points to the school as parents arrived to collect their children.

Grade 9 and 11 pupils participated in litter pick up in and around the school and the Grade 12 pupils served our estate, cleaning, maintenance and kitchen staff a delicious lunch in the school hall.

The High school pupils also cleaned up their own classrooms while the staff were enjoying their lunch.

To raise funds for the Nelson Mandela children’s fund, a coin collection and red ribbons were also sold throughout the week. -Supplied