Kloof rider ‘gears-up’ for success

TWENTY-THREE-year-old Mechanical Engineering student Devon Mackenzie is a Trials Rider that is currently ranked third overall in SA and third in the Pro Elite category this season.

Mackenzie revealed that it’s his parents who got him into riding motorbikes right from the start.

“My first bike was a pink Yamaha PW 50 when I was four-years-old and I was terrified of the noise it made. Thankfully things got less scary from there and I have been riding enduro ever since,” he explained.

He said he got started with the being a trials rider by chance mid-way through 2007.

“My dad and I came across a trials bike at a bike shop not far from home.

“I managed to get a quick ride on the bike and the bug had bit. Soon after that we found a bike for sale and I have been riding and involved in the sport ever since.”

Mackenzie said injuries are part of the trials but for him, even though he’s been doing it for a decade, he fortunately has been very lucky with injuries so far.

“Each event usually has its fair share of eye-openers so it’s hard to narrow it down. I would say our most recent National in Durban, as it is still fresh in the mind, has been the scariest trial I’ve ever done,” said the trial rider.

The mechanical engineering student said his inspiration is Billy Bolt, a young British trials rider who has moved over to enduro and has now become hugely successful, saying: “He is an innovative rider and is continually progressing the sport.”

He mentioned that the most challenging thing for him right now is juggling his time between his studies and training.

“I’m currently studying full time so trying to squeeze training in is a bit of a challenge but so far I’m happy with how things are going.

“The more riding, the merrier, so I am always pleased when I can catch a break from work,” he said.

In conclusion he said that doing trials is just a hobby as his main focus is to finish his degree.

“I am doing the occasional trials show on the side, which all helps, but for now my main focus is to finish my degree and then pursue my riding and see where it goes.

“I would also love to get more involved in Enduro riding as trials lends its hand towards the sport and is another passion of mine,” said Mackenzie.