New hope for local care centre

THE Embo community is known to have many disadvantaged families; however the community also has many physically and mentally disabled residents.

This issue drew the attention of a team of women from Happy Valley Educentre Pre-Primary School, as well as the West Riding Community, whereby a team of volunteers have chosen to assist the disabled individuals from the Born Again Community Care Centre, an organisation established by Queen Ncube and her husband [the Bishop] at Christian Fellowship Church in Embo.

Happy Valley spokesperson Michelle White said: “We have chosen a very special, newly active NGPO to support.

“The project offers a support group to physically and mentally disabled members of the Embo and surrounding communities by arranging a ‘day out’ every Friday at the Christian Fellowship Church. It begins with Queen Ncube, the Bishop’s wife, paying R150 per month for each person to be collected and dropped off again at the end of the day.”

“The day begins with breakfast and a couple of activities, including simple exercises, reading or colouring-in. This is then followed by lunch, which is now organised by Bill Stanley, a generous pensioner from West Riding who gets food from Hillary Spar which is owned by Grant Nicholls. The residents also partake in a few afternoon activities and an afternoon snack is then provided before home time.”

She said the goal and dream of this project is to provide for these disabled members and many others in the community that are locked away in their homes during the day while their families work. Queen Ncube would like to provide proper medical care, therapy, resources and education for all residents.

Ncube said the organisation started in 2017 with only three disabled residents, saying: “The group grew drastically from three to 10 members, however now we have registered 57 members, but we can only accommodate a group of 27 members because we can’t afford to take in more residents. We need a proper facility and a bigger space because the members are disabled in different ways.

“The Happy Valley Educentre team has assisted us in many ways by giving sponsorships. The team is also putting up a jungle gym with special swings for the children. These people come from underprivileged families and it is saddening to know that most of the children are raped. People take advantage of disabled children, that’s why I want this care centre to be a 24 hour facility.

“We urge the community to assist us in turning side rooms at the church into a proper facility,” said Ncube.

Of the initiative, White said: “So far, Happy Valley has donated many resources and furniture to the church and painted up the playground wall.

“West Riding Community Policing group president Neil Brauns has built two swing sets for the playground, wheelchairs, a fridge and cupboards have also been organised.

“Our next project is to tackle the dilapidated side rooms of the church and make them into functional rooms for the younger members.

“This is an organisation that needs urgent funding and support. Many of these disabled and mentally handicapped community members are being abused, raped and mistreated on a daily basis. There are members who have given birth to healthy children as a result of being raped; what future do those children have?” asked White.

Anyone who wishes to donate towards Born Again Community Centre can contact Michelle at 082 578 7484 or send an e-mail to her at