NPO initiative hopes to raise funds through selling advertising space

THE Kloof Conservancy, a non-profit organisation, though an agreement with the relevant authorities, is now allowed to erect a limited number of advertising signs on the M13, these to assist in raising funds to pay an emerging contractor to eradicate alien invasive plants in the area.

Kloof Conservancy member Hugh McGibbon said the eradication of the alien invasive plants project will maintain the vegetation on the verges and median as well as clearing the litter once per week.

“This is not an easy task as the many motor vehicle accidents and vagrants in the bush leave a lot to be picked up,” he said.

McGibbon said this is a multi-win situation as the authorities do not have to fund the cleaning and verge management, saying: “The public benefits from a clean section of freeway, the advertisers gain from the exposure the signs bring them, and the environment is kept as natural as possible.”

He pleaded with the public to purchase advertising space as it will help the Kloof Conservancy to fund its causes to keep the M13 clean and also reduce any possible accidents on the road.

He said the public can support the Conservancy by taking advantage of the small 1800x800 mm boards which they are spaced approximately every kilometre on both sides of the M13 from Hillcrest to Pinetown.

“The large Advertising frames on the bridges are not part of this program, and we understand they are handled directly by the Department of Transport,” he advised.

In conclusion, McGibbon said there are currently two available positions on the section of the M13 from Hillcrest Old Main Road to Richmond Road, a section which the Kloof Conservancy is responsible for, and details can be obtained by e-mail at

“By supporting this project, the advertisers not only get valuable advertising space but also assist in maintaining an indigenous environment along the M13,” added McGibbon.