Passionate about inspiring others

DURBAN based singer, pianist and songwriter Chloe Clark started singing at a young age.

She joined her first band at the age of 11 and was instantly hooked on music, having found a passion for entertaining people.

Clark said that she moved from her farm town to Durban because she felt that her music needed to be heard by more people as she sings to inspire and encourage others.

After finding her love and passion for music she said: “I decided to move to a place where there are more than 200 people in the hope that more ears would enjoy my music.”

She revealed that she is faced with daily challenges and obstacles which she is trying to overcome by fighting for what she believes in and what she is passionate about.

“Life can be tricky and often throws obstacles at you, but it is important to keep pursuing what makes you come alive and keep following your dreams,” said Clark.

The musician said she’s being inspired by people to do better, saying; “Well, I actually often look at people who have given up on their dreams. It can be so disheartening but I have chosen to use it to keep following my heart.”

“I look at women like Aretha Franklin [who sadly passed away recently], Nina Simone, Diana Krall and women who kept pursuing their dreams and managed to have incredible platforms and let their voices be heard. I too want to be like those wonder women.”

Her message to young women who want to be something in life is that they should follow their hearts, love themselves and find peace in who they are. “Keep dreaming and never settle for second best,” said Clark.