Residents furious over speed hump rejection

NEW Germany residents are furious after the eThekwini Municipality’s Transport Authority department denied their request for the installation of speed humps on Sander Road, New Germany.

According to Democratic Alliance (DA) PR Councillor Riona Gokool, she received complaints from the residents requesting for traffic calming measures on Sander Road after two serious accidents took place at the beginning of the year.

“The residents complained about the long road, which a lot of motorists tend to speed along. I have sent a request to the municipality however, since the department have their own policies when it comes to traffic calming, it turns out that Sander Road did not pass the requirements for speed humps to be erected.”

An email sent to Councillor Gokool stated:

“Your request for speed humps along Sander Road, New Germany, has reference. It is with sincere regret that this response is delayed. Please be informed that your request was duly assessed in accordance with the City’s Traffic Calming Policy. In terms of the assessment Sander Road, New Germany, did not meet the requirements for the implementation of speed humps. As such the request for speed humps cannot be supported. This Department sympathises with your traffic related concerns along this road and cannot condone irresponsible driver behaviour.”

The department’s response angered residents whose concern centred mainly on the children of the community.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “This road definitely needs speed humps. The motorists drive at high speed when using this road. We have a library and a clinic which is used by the community and children therefore, if this road doesn’t have speed humps, it might cause unnecessary accidents.”

Resident Yvonne Nene, a mother of two, said she never lets her daughters walk alone because a lot of vehicles speed along that section.

“Even though I don’t have a car, I still fear that my daughters will be knocked down by speeding vehicles therefore I always walk with them to the shops or to the library,” she said.

Nontokozo Shelembe said: “I feel that the department did not do their assessment properly. Honestly, this road is one of the longest roads in New Germany and it has a library, a primary school and a clinic on it. People that live in Wyebank and KwaDabeka also use this road so it is quite clear that it’s a busy road that needs traffic calming measures. Metro police offices are near Sander Road but I have never seen an officer patrolling.”

However, Councillor Gokool said residents are allowed to re-apply for traffic calming measures after a 12 month period therefore she will re-submit a request to the department at that time.