Running club appeals for a helping hand

FACED with a challenge of not having funds to carry-on pursuing his dream of being a cyclist, Mmeli Ndimande started a Trail Running Club with his friend Patrick Canham to help the children from his community stay out of trouble.

Ndimande said he used to cycle but had to stop for financial reasons, saying: “It’s was a very expensive sport so I could not afford to do it anymore.”

After Ndimande realised that he couldn’t afford to be a cyclist, he started the Inanda Trail Running Club alongside Patrick Canham and Allyson Du Plooy, who is assisting them in trying to find sponsors for the club.

“We are faced with many obstacles [such as transport to events] but we can’t give up on the children because we are their hope in keeping them in line and not getting involved with unnecessary groups which might get them in trouble,” said Ndimande.

“My own dream may have died but I really want to give these children the best of what I couldn’t do for myself.”

He added that the reason he would do anything to see these children moving forward is because of the sterling results they’ve been getting whenever they compete.

“The club has been achieving podium positions from the first race they did until now, and this coming weekend we will be racing at Nagle Dam with the club,” he said.

Ndimande appealed to the community to help with donations of running shoes, kits for racing and running, school uniforms, and for a food programme for the children.

“We would love to get help with transport and some money for food,” he added.

Ndimande said those who might be willing to help them can contact him at 079 798 4367.