Running for a healthier lifestyle

LOVE and passion for keeping fit has pushed the Upper Highway resident Andrew Daley to encourage other people to join his healthy lifestyle.

Daley said he started running while he was still in high school and he has loved every “step” of it, saying: “I’ve been running and coaching my entire life.”

He said that running is his happy place and he really enjoys doing it, not only because it’s not only keeping him fit, but also because it lets him help other people, saying “I’m happy because what I’m dong is helping other people have a healthy lifestyle.”

Daley encouraged the community to take up running as a hobby or sport.

“Running is a healthy sport and it keeps children out of trouble.

“People should run, even if it’s not for competitions, but just for their own good because it will help them relax and live a healthier life,” he said.

“There is no age limit to a healthy life,” he added.