SACCW needs your help

SOUTH African Community Crime Watch (SACCW) is a non-profit organisation that assists communities with issues such as medical assistance, dealing with instances of robbery and theft, and finding missing people.

However, one of the volunteer members, medical director Alan Cutten, had his vehicle stolen from Pinetown last month and the vehicle had his medical bag in it.

SACCW founder Steven King asks that the community contribute in any way they can in order to replace it.

“In the bakkie at the time was our medical bag along with all accessories required to respond.

“We would like to make a plea to the community to help contribute to replace it in order for us to continue responding to emergencies,” said King.

In conclusion, he said that any and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

“The donation will be of great use to the SACCW,” said the founder.

Those who might want to donate can contact Steven King at 082 920 5799.