Support the Browns’ School event

THE Browns’ School in Pinetown will host a “Home-Grown Spring Experience” fundraising event on Saturday, September 1 from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.

Browns’ School spokesperson Sheila Schutte said that, on the day of the event, the school will host an auction on various items as well a cake sale, food stalls and will provide entertainment. The school provides specialised education to children with cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and autism.

“You will discover that ‘sweet spot’ as you realise that, after an impassioned beginning in 1952, The Browns’ School has now risen to the point when they are able to say their dream of a school which would rival any of its sort in the world has at last come true.

The Browns’ School is that admirable and singularly unique non-profit organisation that will be enabled, with the public’s contribution, to continue and expand on their proven record of nurturing and equipping our many challenged children to be that productive, purposeful and successful person that you want to have in your life.” For more information on the event contact 082 445 3749 or visit