Top international accolade awarded to local event manager

FOR his exceptional organisation of the annual Global Leadership Summit (GLS), run at Kloof Harvest Church the past six years, Clive McMurray was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Event Management Award at the GLS Excellence Awards recently.

This worldwide annual summit teaches best practices in leadership while integrating Christian values for principle-based decision-making. Established in Willow Creek, Chicago in 1994, the GLS has expanded into 130 countries, first coming to South Africa in 2005. The summit is staged and filmed in Chicago in August every year, and then broadcast at the various venues during the remainder of the year, one of which is Kloof Harvest Church.

McMurray has managed the GLS at this 400 capacity venue since 2012. Capacity has increased to 500 delegates with the 2018 viewing set for October 19 and October 20. Those who’ve regularly attended the summit commented on dramatically improved teamwork, leadership courage and overall effectiveness at their own organisations as a direct result of learnings from GLS.

Commenting on the need for such an event in the South African context, McMurray said: “This country, organisations and, indeed, people are in desperate need of leadership that adds value and delivers a better future for all.”

In his nomination for the Outstanding Event Management Award, McMurray’s detail-oriented approach, support of volunteer recruitment and effective communications’ skills were highlighted. The event at Kloof Harvest Church for 2018 sold out two months in advance, further evidencing his passion and engaging manner which continue to make this event such a success.

Janine Couchman, the Willow Creek Association SA Event Director, said in her motivation for McMurray’s award: “He is the best event manager I am privileged to work with. He is a strong team-builder and has built great teams for the various areas of operation in the GLS. Clive models God-honouring excellence to his team and the volunteers, and firmly believes that effective teams are critical in making the GLS in particular and organisations in general successful.”

Clive heads up the Durban advertising agency FCB. He says the content of many of the presentation has made valuable material for coaching sessions he offers clients and friends. Clive takes the existing international presentation and adapts it to suit the company or individual. If you would like more information, do contact Clive directly. — Supplied.