Much-needed recycling service launched in Jeffreys Bay

NO more waste.

Environman Recycling Company launched a much-needed recycling collection service in Jeffreys Bay - putting an end to residents’ recycling blues.

This initiative follows after all the recycling bins across Jeffreys Bay were removed.

According to Lynn Venter from Environman, the service will collect recyclables once a week from residents who have signed up for the service.

“Residents who have signed up for the service, will receive a reference number and be allocated a weekly recycling collection day. This will be on a different day to the municipal collection day.

“On the allocated day, residents can leave their recyclables outside their properties to be collected by Environman, who will ensure that the recyclables are sent to the relevant recyclers for processing.”

Not only does this initiative provide a solution to recycling problems in the area, but it will also create much-needed jobs within the company.

The service, available at a nominal fee of R57.50 per month, is only available to Jeffreys Bay residents. It is hoped that the services will expand to other regions at a later date.

For more information, contact Environman at 063 782 9835 or send an email to

Alternatively, visit