Title deeds issued

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HENDRICKS said the deeds did not only bring a sense of ownership to the home-owners but also empowered them economically as they could use their properties as collateral when seeking development finance, although he encouraged people not to put themselves in situations where they could lose their properties.

“Many of these title deeds have been lying around in municipal offices for years, instead of being with the rightful owners of the properties, many of whom couldn’t even extend their houses as a result,” he said.

The Mayor and his team of councillors and officials also visited some of the elderly residents to hand-deliver their documentation, sparing them the trouble of braving the cold Tuesday weather.

Among these were 84-year-old Vina Bambani and her 100-year-old husband Tho-mas.

The couple could not hide their elation, with the centenarian saying he had been worried that he would leave this earth without having experienced legal ownership of a house.

“I can now rest knowing that I have a legacy that I will leave behind for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren,” he said.