YOUPSA supports National Book Week

YOUTH Potential South Africa (YOUPSA) is set to launch a Book Buddies Programme in partnership with four schools in Gamtoos Valley, in celebration of National Book Week from September 3 to 9.

It is hoped that the programme, that will pair learners from different reading abilities to read together for two to three times a week, will spread throughout the Gamtoos Valley area.

YOUPSA Director Alexis Salaman says, “Over time the learners’ interest in books grows, while their literacy skills and relationships among one another improve.

“Reading is not only about the ability to decode a text. The main benefits of reading are that it activates our imagination, develops our thinking processes, deepens empathy, helps us to learn problem sol-ving, and to practise self-reflection.

“The more young people read for plea-sure, the faster they gain the language and thinking skills they need for academic success and for their own personal deve-lopment.”

Among a range of literacy programmes, YOUPSA that operates in the Gamtoos Valley, offers mobile villlage libraries and nurture youth reading clubs.

Assist YOUPSA by donating new or good quality books for children and youth, as well as petrol vouchers to cover the weekly travel costs to their different literacy programmes.

For information, contact 076 123 3832 or visit