Abandoned house for vagrants

AN abandoned house near Northdale Stadium has been completely ransacked and has become the premises of teenage drug users., claims a resident in the vicinity.

After moving into a house on Gaysingh Road near the abandoned house, the resident who wished to remain anonymous, said that his house has already been broken into and he suspects that vagrants occupying the abandoned house are responsible.

“I think it is those whoonga boys who smoke in that house that stole my television. Either way if it isn’t them they are still a dangerous entity in our neighbourhood having already completely stripped that house of all the belongings,” said the man.

The man stated that just a few weeks ago the house was occupied to his knowledge but that when he went to investigate about his television he found that the house had been completely vandalised with everything being taken even the window frames and ceilings.

“They took everything from this house. A few weeks ago I know that someone was staying there. I don’t know whether he was forced to move by the drug users or that once he moved they forced their way onto the property,” said the man. He added that the vagrants pose as a danger to children at the school nearby.
“The children may be exposed to the drug activity at the abandoned house.”

Police confirmed that they were aware that the area had become a hot spot for vagrants leading to an increase in crime in the area and that they were doing the necessary follow ups.