Baby Ashraan needs your help

BORN with multiple health conditions, and his nerves being ruptured at birth, baby Ashraan Singh (2) of Northdale urgently needs the help of the public in order to receive surgery.

Ashraan has already received open back surgery, leaving him paralysed from the waist down, and while he continues to wait for a bed at a government hospital, his head has grown to the circumference of 54 cm due the pressure building up so much that he often holds and taps his head, anguished.

“We were given an admission slip back in March to call in every day and check for a bed. It has been four months now and we still have not received a bed,” said a disappointed Ashely Singh, Ashraan’s father.

Ashraan was born with Spina Bifida: Myelomeningocele, an inverted hip, Hydrocephalus and bilateral clubbed feet — all of which have contributed to his head growing significantly in size, causing severe pain and problems as well him not having the full function of his limbs.

“It’s very frustrating for my son because of his inability to keep up with his cousins and other children in his age group. Sometimes he can get very angry at his disability,” said Singh, who added that it has become stressful for the family as simple tasks , such as completing daily chores,have become difficult as Ashraan wants their full attention. Singh said that their number one objective was to see that Ashraan receives a standing and slanting frame, and money to go forward with his operation.

“My son is a bright and intelligent child and it pains us to see him in this condition. Sometimes we feel like we are not doing enough and at other times it feels like all the doors have been shut in our faces,” said a distressed Singh.


• Head surgery fee

• Admission fee

• Hospital stay fee

• Extra treatment

• Medication

Those wanting to donate to this worthy and urgent cause can do so via the Backabuddy website: and any donation would be welcome.