Beloved restaurant burns down

PIETERMARITZBURG residents woke with the daunting news that one of their favourite restaurants, Flavour Café, had burned to the ground on Thursday morning, and all that remained were the burned walls and ash.

Founded 12 years ago by owner Lee Hankey, the restaurant situated in the Dunrobin nursey in Chase Valley looked a haunted version of itself after flames engulfed it from about 2 am.. The blaze was extinguished at around 4 am.

“I woke early in the morning due to the sirens coming from the fire trucks which had been driving up and down near my road.

“I immediately thought to look at my phone and that is when I found out my restaurant was on fire,” said Hankey.

Not only did Hankey realise that his restaurant was on fire but also all the stalls and stands within the property were lost with the restaurant.

It was confirmed that around 65 small shops were destroyed in the fire.

“This is completely shattering for me. My 12 years of hard work all burned within hours,” said Hankey.

Hankey said he was relieved that the fire did not occur during the day where any customers or staff could have been hurt, saying: “I am really relieved that no one was hurt during the fire”.

Many lovers of the restaurant were saddened that their favourite spot to hang out and indulge themselves in delicious foods and desserts is no more.