Churches act against drugs

TWO churches in the northern area, Bethlehem Baptist and Healing Waters Ministry, say they have had enough of the drug endemic that is plaguing the youth in particular.

The religious organisations have merged to enlighten the community about the signs and symptoms of a substance abuser, as well as the dangers of substance abuse.

At the forefront of the substance abuse interactive session is Daryal Govender from the Baptist Church who is strongly against drugs, having seen first-hand the problem it has posed in the community.

“The damaging impact of drugs within our community cannot be underestimated. In addition to the physical consequences, drug abuse has a major spiritual consequence in this day and age,” said Govender.

Govender said drug and substance abuse poses a serious risk to the progress of individuals and the community.

“Because of this serious problem we will be hosting an evening comprising a multi-dimensional approach in which attendees will be empowered with valuable information on drugs, prevention strategies, rehabilitation advice, perspectives from law enforcement, medical professionals and rehabilitated addicts, as well as an interactive question-and-answer session between attendees and a panel of experts,” said Govender.

The session on drug abuse will take place at the Healing Waters Ministry premises at 115 Deccan Road on September 7, and will be free for all to attend.

For further information or inquiries, please contact Pastor Adrian at 082 887 6130, Sham at 065 865 3286 or Govender at 081 271 1567.