‘Daughters’ to host women’s tea

THE Daughters of Aphrodite (DOA) and Dees Foundation, both non-profit organisations, will host their first ever women’s tea at the AS Pillay Hall in Nulliah Road, Northdale on September 1.

The brainchild of Kasmita Moodley, DOA was started after she experienced a traumatic year in 2015.

Starting the organisation allowed her to embark on a journey to empower and embolden women from all walks of life.

“DOA’s Facebook following and motivational blog seek to provide a platform for women of all age groups, ethnicities and walks of life to come forward and share their thoughts, feelings, problems and any issue that the female populace of today may encounter,” said Moodley.

Speaking on the women’s tea, which will be held on Spring Day, Moodley said that the day will be symbolic for them as the day depicts new beginnings.

“This is what we endeavour to create for the women that will be attending — a chance to see things differently and a new beginning for themselves,” said Moodley.

The event will host various speakers and will require some assistance from the public in order to be a success.

“One of the first things that can be done is that of contributions of any old and pre-loved handbags that you may not need or that may not be in use anymore.” For a full list and drop off points, call 076 532 0533.
DOA seeks to direct women in a positive manner as they believe that it is women who inevitably lead the way society progresses.