Explanation required

THE media reported the return of approximately 250 medical students qualifying in Cuba. Why does the government want to expend exorbitant amounts (from a declining economic system) on dispatching students to a foreign country?

South Africa has been unable to provide employment to recent medical graduates, as posts have been frozen and there is no money to reimburse these doctors. Where does the government envisage placing these doctors? The government has decided to dispatch more students to study in Cuba.

I am unable to erase a horrific image from my memory. Many years ago, whilst participating in a special duty during mid-winter in Johannesburg, a shivering, skeleton-thin black male, in rags, implored me to arrest him (it is against station orders to arrest an innocent person). At present numerous murderers, rapists, hijackers etc are benefiting from three meals per day, medication, the warmth of a shelter, clothes and an education — a reward for committing crime; whilst the numerous poverty-stricken homeless, law-abiding citizens are unable to afford one meal per day. How is it possible that business associates and the son of our ex-president can offer an ANC candidate a bribe of R6 million — a positively “obscene” amount! No doubt the trade unions will be victorious in the dispute of salary increases by Eskom employees. Who will foot the bill? The electricity tariffs will increase, so that hot water will be a luxury for the rich. Many of us are using immersion heaters for heating water to inadequately cleanse ourselves.

In a bid to save petrol, which is exorbitant, I walked to the pharmacy to purchase medicine. The gutters and pathways in Uvongo, from streets behind the library to Marine Drive, are littered with filth. When visitors clad in suits departed in their luxury Mercedes, after renting a five-bedroom holiday flat in our complex, I was appalled by the abandoned filth. Long ago an idiom referred to the streets of London paved in gold. Ours are inundated and cluttered with increasing piles of refuse! Who can provide a logical answer to attacks on our paramedics?

Dr L.J. Peltz

South Coast