Family unscathed as truck crashes into Northdale home

A FAMILY of three narrowly escaped with their lives when a truck crashed into their home on Badrudeen Road, Northdale, on Sunday night.

Chris Naicker, the brother of house owner Lynette Peters, said a truck that was carrying a car came crashing into his sister’s house at around 11.45 pm on Sunday.

“Fortunately the truck came to a halt at the arch wall in the middle of the house separating the bedrooms and the rest of the house. No one was injured,” he said.

Naicker said his sister, his 26-year-old niece and his 84-year-old father were sleeping in the house when the accident happened.

“I took them all to my house as they could not sleep in the house anymore. My sister is a bit shaken up but will get better with prayer,” said Naicker.

He said the truck owner was very responsive as he sent his workers to come clear up the rubble and fix all the damage to the house.

“They arrived around midnight and worked on getting the truck out of the house, they finally managed to get it out around 4 am this morning [Monday],” he said.

Naicker said he was grateful that no one was injured.

“Houses you can rebuild but you can’t get back your family if they die,” he said.