Hefty sentence for serial killer

KERSHWIN Goldstone, a name synonymous with the killing of three elderly people in Pietermaritzburg, was handed three life sentences on Wednesday at the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

Judge Piet Bezuidenhout said that although Goldstone had pleaded guilty to his crimes, he seemed more regretful at being caught than remorseful for the murders he had committed.

On 21 July, Goldstone murdered and robbed Roland Heathcote (89) at Jacaranda Lodge Retirement Village and then Patrica Tugwell (89) ten days later at the same place.

Ten days before Heathcote’s murder, Patricia O’Connor (92) was strangled at Kenwyn Retirement Home, close to Jacaranda.

“One can only imagine what the victims faced in those terrifying last moments before they were killed,” said the judge.

Pleading guilty to eight counts; including murder, housebreaking with intent to steal, theft and robbery with aggravating circumstances; all those present gave a sigh of relief at the judgement, three life terms which will run concurrently, handed down to him.

Representative advocate of Goldstone, Zina Anastasiou, argued against the sentence, stating that her client’s killing spree was a result of a drug addiction, which began at an early age, and abandonment.

“Being abandoned at the Salvation Army at the age of three and then being sent to Boy’s Town at [age] 15 led him to experience behaviour difficulties which in turn led him to drugs,” argued Anastasiou.

Judge Bezuidenhout however said that there was no evidence to prove that Goldstone was on drugs at the time of his killings, nor that he was motivated by his drug lust.

Various relatives of the deceased expressed their trauma at knowing their loved ones died in such a gruesome manner.
Timothy O Connor, a son of one of the victims, said he was satisfied with the ruling.