It’s show time for wood workers

IT’S show time for all wood workers as Working with Wood hosts their popular Working with Wood Pietermaritzburg KwaZulu-Natal Show, staged at the famous Pietermaritzburg Royal Show Grounds from September 7 to September 9, held in conjunction with The Witness Garden Show.

The Working with Wood team have planned a much larger brand and product display, with many new products set to be launched at the show and an exciting line up of demonstrations.

“This year’s Working with Wood show will feature some of our latest innovative and technically advanced tools and equipment in the country today, including top brands on show with their latest products, from Festool, Kreg, Alpen, Bessey, Tork Craft, Saw Stop, Felo, Triton, MPS, Rawl Plug, Drill Doctor, ProTec, Howard, Spring Tools, Armor and many more. Plus, we have a whole new mind-blowing hose and garden fitting range with the new Wedgit brand, said Greg de Villiers, sales manager for Vermont Sales.

“All the international blue-chip brands have some exciting new products in their latest ranges and many products have been upgraded, all these new models will be on show, said de Villiers.

The famous Festool brand will have the new Domino joining system, certainly a must have for all wood workers, and the state of the art new art Kapex KS 60 Sliding Compound Miter Saw, that takes Miter sawing to a whole new level. Also on display will be the full range of professional Festool auto dust collectors. The latest revolutionary combination of the Airstream SCA 8 rapid charger and the Airstream BP 18 Li 5.2 AS battery pack reduces the cooling time of the battery and improves the entire charging process by up to 65%. This means that battery packs are ready to use again in rapid time.

Offering technologically advanced drill bits, Alpen Austria will be showing off their new Sprint Master and Pro series— offering a much shorter drilling time, three times longer service life, with narrow tolerances and high concentricity and lasting twice as long. The Austrian company are worldwide leaders in the drill bit industry.

Kreg have also introduced many new products, one particularly outstanding unit is their new, one-of-a-kind Mobile Project Centre with a huge number of new features. It provides a portable workspace that can be used for a wide variety of project tasks. In one mode, it’s a sturdy sawhorse that’s great for supporting long boards as you cut. Flip the large tables into position and this product offers the features you’d expect to find in a high-end stationary workbench. Additional tables can be added for more length and breadth for longer work pieces or jobs.

The Clamp Trak and included Bench Clamp with Automaxx® auto-adjusting technology provide multiple ways to hold workpieces. The open tables can support up to 158 kgs and have built-in storage trays, holsters for your drill, and more. A shelf underneath holds up to 11.3kg of supplies and tools out of the way but nearby while you work.

In addition to being great for general project use, the Mobile Project Centre is perfect for Kreg Joinery. Whether you’re drilling pocket holes, clamping cases or face frames together, or preparing your project for final assembly, the Mobile Project Centre makes Kreg Joinery the perfect solution. Buy any Kreg product, join up for free and you get free access to all their international plans and projects — a wood worker and DIYers dream online program.

“This Show showcases major suppliers and highlights include an exhibition of the latest equipment, systems, and specialist tools with demonstrations on techniques such as airbrushing and specialised turning. The show stopper is the latest model circular saw from Saw Stop, with its built-in safety system triggers that automatically shut down the saw within five milliseconds should the blade contact the human skin.”

“Demonstrators will be available to share their knowledge of their craft, including woodturning, carving, sharpening, pyrography, amongst others. “There is a growing need for shows that offer more hands-on demonstrations so that people who attend these demonstrations can learn more about the applications for the latest tools and systems,” said Greg de Villiers

For more information e-mail or visit or call 011 314 7711. — Supplied