Lots of money to be made off traffic violations

IT is common cause that the Msunduzi Municipality is in dire financial straits as a result of corruption and inefficiency.

If we had an efficient traffic department, it could act on a lucrative source of revenue out there. As previously reported in the press — red traffic lights are ignored and taxis park on the corner at traffic lights, hooting for passengers.

Try driving down College Road in the mornings and watch mainly taxis passing a long line of traffic and squeezing in. Double parking (even police vehicles) outside Hlope’s Butchery and eating place in West Street is common.

Hazard lights can mean either stopping, turning left, right or anything else. Non-existent tail lights, brake lights, indicators and number plates are common.

Being a motorcyclist myself, I’ve yet to see a traffic cop on one of those fancy BMW motorcycles that the municipality bought.

Try fining these errant drivers R500 or R1 000, and make sure you collect it, otherwise impound the vehicles.

Follow these suggestions and the city coffers would soon be full and over flowing.